Meet Melissa

Hey! I’m Melissa Kristyne. Born in sunny southern California but raised a Cornhusker loving Nebraskan. I am married to my amazing husband Walter. We have three beautiful children together.

I’ve always had a great love for all things home decor and DIY. It all started with one pallet. I shared an idea about a table with my husband and he thought I was crazy. Once that project was done I was hungry for more, and that hunger for more hasn’t stopped yet.

With my blog I hope to share some of these easy do it yourself projects on a budget, everyday living ideas, tips and tricks for decorating, gardening, cleaning, organizing, and cooking.

We are currently in military housing so that poses many design challenges, but these challenges are accepted with open arms! It makes this decorating thing exciting by making me think outside the box. Walter and I have dreams of one day owning our own farmhouse but life sometimes throws curve balls.

When we got pregnant with our third child we found out at our anatomy scan that our baby girl was going to have to fight for her life shortly after being born. She was born with several pretty severe heart defects. Don’t worry though, God has blessed us with her miracle of life and she doing wonderful things. Our journey as a family with Amabella has made us all stronger.

We love sharing our journey in hopes it will help other families know that they aren’t alone on their own journey and to shine a bit of hope.

This blog is my outlet and happy place where I share our journey through DIY projects, my love for decor, & so much more. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Xo

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