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Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I know I can’t believe it either. If you are hosting I have a quick, easy and affordable tablescape for you.
If you held on to any pumpkins from Halloween this is the time to get full use out of them. For my table I went for a simple look with a big impact.


Things you will need to achieve this look are fake or real pumpkins ( I used our left over real ones from Halloween) then head to your local trader joes for some fresh eucalyptus (trader joes sells it for around $3). You will also need candles and candle sticks, I found these at my local goodwill. Thrift stores seem to always have some kind of brass candle stick so, defiantly look there. Now that you have all your supplies its time to have fun.
I started with layering and stacking my pumpkins, start in the center of your table and work your way out.  After I got the pumpkins just right, I then layered in my candles. I randomly placed the candles to give a more sporadic and less uniform look. After I had my pumpkins and candles in place I started layering in my eucalyptus. I had to cut some piece down to size so they weren’t too long and that was it. It was easy quick and made a big impact. The bonus is that fresh eucalyptus fills the home with a refreshing fragrance.
Now if you don’t have real pumpkins still, that’s okay. Fake ones will look just as beautiful and you can achieve the same look. Here is an example of how I used fake pumpkins on our table.img_20170916_111209_8551348318308.jpg

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