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Target dollar spot Christmas DIY

Christmas is right around the corner, in fact it is 42 days away.  So it is time to start thinking about those Christmas decorations. I am all about simple with a big impact, and sometimes that means spending big money. But lets be honest, we all have gifts to buy so spending a ton on décor isn’t realistic.  I knew Target’s dollar spot was going to be my best friend for this project.  They always have the cutest décor for the holidays and the prices range from $1 to $7 which makes them budget friendly.

2017-11-13 082126820193..jpg

For this project I spent right around $25. What you will need from target to get this look are three $3 Christmas trees, three $3 olive buckets. Then you will need some craft paint to get that rusty look but if rust isn’t your thing you can skip this part. For the rust I used a sponge and some craft paint I had on hand already. The colors I used were a burnt orange, deep red and a chocolate brown. I dabbed the paint on with a sponge in random spots that I thought would rust naturally and that was it. After I “aged” the buckets I then took my target dollar spot trees out to the garage and spray painted them lightly with some leftover spray paint I had from another project. If you don’t have spray paint on hand Walmart sells some for $1 and that’s the kind I used. Once the trees were dry all I did was place some Styrofoam from the Dollar tree at the bottom of the bucket and placed the trees right in. That’s it, now you are done.

2017-11-13 0852804229..jpg

If you like the look of the random pinecones on the table as well your local craft store normally has them on hand. I got mine from Michael’s for $3 a bag, I used two bags for our 6ft table.  I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions leave a comment below.  cropped-cropped-img_20171111_135205_43911.jpg

3 thoughts on “Target dollar spot Christmas DIY”

  1. What?! When I saw this picture on Instagram I thought your buckets were aged to perfection! I didn’t know you cheated haha. This is awesome! Living in japan I need to find ways to age my new buckets. This is perfect.


    1. Yay! Hope you were able to get some goodies… I heard a lot of targets are very picked over right now.. But the good news is they alwaya restock


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