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Fresh garland on the cheap

We all love the fresh smells of Christmas around here. But having those smells normally comes at a cost. By that I mean mess. This year our family decided a fake tree would fit our needs best, but we were all disappointed by the lack fresh scent. So I came up with a quick, cheap and easy way to bring those scents in. Fresh garland from Trader Joe’s.

This is what I used to get this look and those smells.

I initially wanted to use flat leaf eucalyptus but my local TJ was sold out. Instead I used this and I’m happy I did. These bundles cost $2.99

This garland is 15ft long and cost $6.99. I used one doubled up for the mantel.

The pine cones and picks I already had on hand but can easily be found at a craft store.

Now the how to, and it is simple I promise. I first laid the garland in place, then I cut long stems of the eucalyptus and randomly stuck them into the garland. I intermixed the fake picks and the real eucalyptus to give it a full look. After I got the eucalyptus and picks in place I randomly placed pinecones over the top and voilà I was done.

The time it took to get this garland done was less than 30 minutes. The house now smells just like Christmas and I didn’t have to break the bank.

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