Do it yourself wreaths

The holidays have come and gone and now it’s time to get the house back into order.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen, I am participating in a “no spend January” challenge as well as a “purge and get organized” challenge.

It has been so refreshing yet really hard. I knew I wanted to do these things before the new year, so when the Christmas decor went on clearance I made one last shopping trip (besides a random Rae Dunn find that wasn’t going to wait) I hit up my local Target and seen the new spring line from Chip and Joanna Gaines was released and that’s when I fell madly in love with this wreath. isn’t it just beautiful !? But what was a girl to do when she knew she was watching her spending . I wanted two, but for $34.99 each I knew I was going to have to walk away. I moved on to the Christmas decor that I originally went to Target for and that’s when it hit me. “I can make my own!” I seen these two wreaths sitting on the shelf marked down to $5 each, plus I knew if I used my red card I’d get an extra 5% off. after I left Target I ran to hobby lobby where they were having a sale as well. I found some garland that reminded me of the wreath from Target and I was in luck, it was 50% off so I got it for around $18 after taxes. I then took this beautiful garland home and got started on my new wreaths. I started by taking the Garland apart once I had all of my piece I went to town hot gluing my stems in placeIt didn’t take long and I was done.

For around 28$ I got two of these beautiful wreaths, that’s right two for less than the price of one. I absolutely adore this new line in Target and I do own many pieces myself. But after Christmas it was time to start watching the spending, so this was my solution to that. I saved a little over half and it felt good making it myself. I hope this encourages you to think a little outside of the box and make something you’ve been eyeing yourself. The reward of being creative is priceless

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