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Spring Terra Cotta Pots

Things you’ll need for this project

• Terra cotta pots various sizes


•Plastic knife or if you’re like me your fingers

I choose to use the pink spackling because it starts out pink but drys white.. that pink to white indicator helps me a lot, but it isn’t necessary to use.

Step one: spread the spackling around the base of the neck of the pot. You can use a knife like this or use your finger like I prefer.

Step two: spread spackling around the bottom of the pot

Next you’ll also spread spackling around the very top of the pot, then the plate the pot sits on.

Once you basically outline your pot, you’ll add some spackling to the actual pot itself. I added a small circle then slowly worked my way out.I then massaged the spackling into the pot until it looked like this.

Once I was happy with the amount of spackling I had on my pots, I let them dry for 20 minuets . After 20 minutes I took a damp paper towel and rubbed out any thick areas once I got all the “too thick ” areas where I wanted them I let my pots dry for another 30 minuets. After drying it was safe to plant 😀🌿

now I may need to disclaim this can get messy. But the end result is stunning and inexpensive 8c6cd121-978b-4f6c-b325-9ddc654e43e1.jpg

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