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DIY vinyl sign

As promised I am sharing with you guys how I make my signs!

Today I’ll share how I do it with vinyl, and tomorrow I’ll share how to do it without any fancy equipment.

Step one. The sign itself, you can always use a pre-made sign from a local craft store or you can use a piece of plywood like I did here. After I picked out the size of my sign that I want, I always paint a base coat. This base coat will be the color of my sign. I also prefer using Rustoleum chalk paint found here (

Step two. Using your vinyl cutting machine type out whatever you want your sign to say. I went with greenhouse since this sign was going outside on my porch.

Once I have my vinyl cut, I weed out the letters and keep the negative as seen above.

Step three. Measuring and taping, I wanted to add a thin stripe to the outline of my sign since I wasn’t framing this one. Once I had my stripe tapped off it was time to place the vinyl stencil. Once the stencil was in place using a good transfer tape, and centered, I always use an old credit card and press the stencil down, and to push out all the air bubbles. Just to make sure the stencil stuck to the wood pretty well.

Step four. I paint over my stencil with the same paint I used for my base coat. This will help seal things up to prevent any bleeding of your letter color from happening.

Step five. Once the preventive coat has dried it’s time to paint on your letters. I like to use a good stencil paint brush for this part. I like to use a paper towel to dab off any extra paint from the brush as well.

once you get paint on your brush you can begin dabbing. I find it is very important to dab versus drag the paint brush. Dragging may cause bleeding underneath the stencil.

Step six. After you have dabbed the lettering of your entire sign it’s time to remove the tape and stencil. I like to remove the vinyl stencil while the paint is still wet to tacky. If it is fully dry you run the risk of the paint pulling up. This is the last step. I promise.

Step seven. Once you get all of the outside vinyl up you will be left with some negative pieces as seen above on the letters ‘R’ and ‘O’. How I remove those is either with a good pair of tweezers or my Exacto knife, And that’s it you’re done! And the possibilities are endless.img_3361.jpgI hope this tutorial helps you all out, but if vinyl doesn’t seem like your “thing” stay tuned until tomorrow. I’m excited to show you my other sign method.

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