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DIY sign part 2

This is the no fancy equipment way.

All you need to make signs without equipment is:

  1. Printer and printer paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Pre-made sign or plywood
  4. Paint and paint brushes

When I use this method it’s normally for a smaller size sign, as it can be a bit time consuming filling in all the letters by hand.

First I start off by selecting my sign size. That way I can determine the lettering size. Once I have the size of my sign cut out or bought, I head to my laptop and print out my wording.

At this time I paint my base coat.

While the base coat is drying and once I have my wording printed off, I flip my paper over and pencil the back. This is going to create a carbon paper effect. Once I have the back good and penciled I place the paper printed side up. I tape my paper down so it doesn’t move on me.

Now I’m ready to trace my letters. Make sure to press firmly while tracing.

Once you have your letters all traced you can go ahead and lift the paper up. You should be left with penciled letters on your sign.

Now you can fill your letters in with a small paint brush. And that’s it. The possibilities are endless! You can create anything, just let your creativity flow!


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