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DIY antique mirror

When it comes to home decor the first thing that comes to mind for me is, timeless and versatile. But sometimes finding that perfect piece can feel nearly impossible.

My mind is always running a hundred miles per hour, thinking how I can make that perfect piece I’m searching for myself, how to make it affordable and exactly how I want it.

I’m all about DIYs to solve many of my decor dilemmas, when I can’t find what I’m looking for.

This problem definitely happened when I was searching for antique mirrors. Antique mirrors are a timeless decor piece that essentially can go with any home decor style!

They weirdly became popular on social media platforms from about Christmas time until now. With the popularity growing, finding antique mirrors became harder, and when you did find them the prices went up. Long gone were the days of finding them in thrift stores.

When I ran into this road block I knew I had to come up with a way to make my own.

The first thing I had to do was find a affordable mirror, and that I did. I went to two major retail craft stores. Both carried frameless mirror candle plates that were large enough for what I wanted and they are affordable! After I found this round mirror at the craft store, I had to think, how am I going to antique this? That’s when the light bulb turn on! As I sat on the floor of the craft store I had to figure out how mirrors were made.

Come to find out that back coating is basically just paint. Who knew!

That made my job easier. Here is how I made the mirror.

  1. A mirror
  2. Protective gloves
  3. Paint striper (I used citrus strip because it’s safe for indoor use.)
  4. An old rag or paint brush to apply striper
  5. Household bleach (I used Clorox splashless)
  6. A spray bottle for the bleach.


  • Cover the back of the mirror with the paint striper with a good thick coat like this.
  • Let the citrus-strip sit for 45 minutes to an hour. I wish I had covered mine with plastic wrap to avoid spots from drying out. So if you have plastic wrap on hand lay a few sheets over the top.
  • Next after the time has lapsed, take your paint scraper and scrape off the protective coating. If it isn’t coming off easily you may need to apply more paint striper and let it sit for an additional 20 mins.
  • Once all of the paint striper and back coating is removed go ahead, wash and dry your mirror.
  • Once your mirror is dry you are going to apply the bleach. This is the fun antiquing part. So be mindful where you want your antique markings to go. It doesn’t take much bleach at all. This is what mine looked like with the bleach applied The bleach works fast. Once you have the pattern you want and you notice the metallic coasting is gone go ahead and wash your mirror again.
  • That’s it! You are done. Here is how I styled mine a few ways.

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