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Target must haves

Target, The happiest place on earth, that’s what my family calls it for me. They really aren’t wrong. I don’t think I have ever shared my monthly or weekly must haves with you so, I figured it was time to share a few! The first place I stop when entering Target isn’t Starbucks but nonetheless “bullseyes playground.” I try to make smart choices while browsing this section of Target because, let’s be real the cute tchotchkes can fall into the cart and, before you know it you’re spending $128 on five items that costs $1, $3, $5 and $7. The math just doesn’t add up right for this part of Target but, trust me it happens.

This week I picked up from the dollar spot was this adorable metal dust pan for $3! If anyone can make a cleaning items adorable it’s, Target.

Now, I’m not a beauty blogger, and will never try to be one because, let’s be real here it’s just not me. But when I come across beauty products I love, it would be wrong of me to kept it to myself and not share.

One thing Target has is a vast verity of quality beauty products for any budget. One brand I have fallen absolutely head over heals in love with is Love beauty and plant

We use so many of their products in our home from their deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotions to their hair spray. One of the cool things about their hair spray isn’t just the fact that it’s made with 94% naturally derived ingredients, but their bottles are powered by air! Meaning no green house gases. How cool is that.

Another beauty product must for the hair is my favorite dry shampoo Hask Chia Seed Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is my lifesaver. We don’t wash our hair everyday over here, (don’t worry, we shower) because let’s be real sometimes washing your hair can be a drag plus it’s not healthy to wash everyday. This dry shampoo does such a great job of freshening up the hair.

One last beauty product that is an absolute must for any busy, tired, dark circle wearing mom like myself is from one of my favorite makeup brands Nyx cosmetics And their NYX HD concealer I really love NYX because their quality is great and the prices are amazing. This concealer is non cakey so, that’s another reason why I love it!

Another brand that is surely to just magically jump into my cart when I’m not looking is anything from Mrs. Myers and this week I happened to need more Hand Sanitizer for my purse. So I picked up this one. It is my absolute favorite.

And you already know mama couldn’t walk out of Target without buying a clothing item. This week I’m really obsessing over these Universal Thread V-Neck T-shirts for $8 they are light weight and can be dressed up or down. Plus they fit perfectly!

Last must have this week and certainly not least are my new favorite Opalhouse Mugs for $3 y’all sharing my favorites with you has been so much fun! I definitely think I’ll be sharing again soon!

Xoxo 💋

2 thoughts on “Target must haves”

    1. Thank you! I really love this brand, my kiddos have some really sensitive skin and it’s the only thing we’ve found that doesn’t irritate them.


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