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Faux brick floors

img_8594When my husband and I bought our fixer upper this year, I knew I wanted a mudroom. Since living in our fixer upper for a few months now, we quickly learned we NEEDED a mudroom.

Living on an acreage with two cats, two dogs, eight chickens, three kids and a husband, things were getting kind of messy.

In a quick hurry to get a space done to kick off those muddy rubber work boots, we created this space

Now, this worked for the time being but I wasn’t fully happy with it. The floors are concrete so I knew I had a lot of wiggle room to be creative. I knew I wanted to channel a cottage feel to this space.

So, After some thinking, I said to myself ‘let’s put some brick in’ well, faux brick that is.

I went to my local craft store bought some craft paints and sponges and prayed for the best.

Here is what I used for these faux bricks.

• deep red, brown, mocha, off white, and black colored craft paints.

•Large sponges

• Cardboard to dab off extra paint.

• Polyacrylic to seal the floors.

Here is how I did this:

I started by dipping my whole sponge in the paint then dabbing off any extra, I started along the wall going right to left. I didn’t measure my spaces between each brick because, I didn’t want it to be too perfect.

When you see real brick pavers laid, they aren’t exactly perfect and that’s what I wanted to achieve with this project. I was aiming for an authentic vintage cottage vibe.

Now, on the second row of bricks, I started by leaving about a half of a sponge gap from the wall to the brick being laid. That way each layer wasn’t perfectly lined up and Each row was off centered a bit.

The key to this project is color layers. Once I had all of my red “bricks” laid and dried, I went in with the brown and randomly went over a few red bricks. Then I repeated this with the black paint and a mocha/off white colored paints. My selection of what brick got the second layer of color was completely random and I just eyed this part.

Once those layers were dry, I randomly went in with white paint and dabbed lightly to tone down some of the red and black. once I had this look I was done. I didn’t want to mess with it anymore and run the risk of ruining the whole thing by over doing it.

Once, all of the layers were fully dry I sealed it up with a satin polyacrylic.

Here is a few shots of the finale look.