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Faux brick floors

When my husband and I bought our fixer upper this year, I knew I wanted a mudroom. Since living in our fixer upper for a few months now, we quickly learned we NEEDED a mudroom. Living on an acreage with two cats, two dogs, eight chickens, three kids and a husband, things were getting kind… Continue reading Faux brick floors

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Target must haves

Target, The happiest place on earth, that's what my family calls it for me. They really aren't wrong. I don't think I have ever shared my monthly or weekly must haves with you so, I figured it was time to share a few! The first place I stop when entering Target isn't Starbucks but nonetheless… Continue reading Target must haves

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DIY antique mirror

When it comes to home decor the first thing that comes to mind for me is, timeless and versatile. But sometimes finding that perfect piece can feel nearly impossible. My mind is always running a hundred miles per hour, thinking how I can make that perfect piece I'm searching for myself, how to make it… Continue reading DIY antique mirror

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Memorial Day vintage inspired DIY flag

It's Memorial Day weekend, and what better way to kick off the holiday with a fun and easy flag DIY.before and after. Things you'll need for this project. About 1qt of boiling hot water 5-6 black tea bags A shallow glass baking dish Mini American flags First you'll want to make your tea. That's where… Continue reading Memorial Day vintage inspired DIY flag

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DIY vinyl sign

As promised I am sharing with you guys how I make my signs! Today I'll share how I do it with vinyl, and tomorrow I'll share how to do it without any fancy equipment. Step one. The sign itself, you can always use a pre-made sign from a local craft store or you can use… Continue reading DIY vinyl sign

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plants are my therapy

My name is Melissa, and I'm addicted to plants! Okay, not really but pretty close. I've always had a love for landscaping and planting and all of the pretty flowers outdoors. But recently I've taken my indoor plant game to the next level. I used to joke around that, I had a indoor plant black… Continue reading plants are my therapy