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Spring Terra Cotta Pots

Things you'll need for this project • Terra cotta pots various sizes •Spackling •Plastic knife or if you're like me your fingers I choose to use the pink spackling because it starts out pink but drys white.. that pink to white indicator helps me a lot, but it isn't necessary to use. Step one: spread… Continue reading Spring Terra Cotta Pots


Do it yourself wreaths

The holidays have come and gone and now it's time to get the house back into order. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen, I am participating in a "no spend January" challenge as well as a "purge and get organized" challenge. It has been so refreshing yet really hard. I knew… Continue reading Do it yourself wreaths

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Holiday Indoor Home Tour

December 1st is tomorrow. Where has the time gone? It is just flying by for me.  Insight of the new month I wanted to share our home, and how I have it decorated this year for Christmas. First up is our living room. I kept it simple, white with pops of red.  opposite view is the… Continue reading Holiday Indoor Home Tour

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Fresh garland on the cheap

We all love the fresh smells of Christmas around here. But having those smells normally comes at a cost. By that I mean mess. This year our family decided a fake tree would fit our needs best, but we were all disappointed by the lack fresh scent. So I came up with a quick, cheap… Continue reading Fresh garland on the cheap

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Target dollar spot Christmas DIY

Christmas is right around the corner, in fact it is 42 days away.  So it is time to start thinking about those Christmas decorations. I am all about simple with a big impact, and sometimes that means spending big money. But lets be honest, we all have gifts to buy so spending a ton on décor… Continue reading Target dollar spot Christmas DIY

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Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I know I can’t believe it either. If you are hosting I have a quick, easy and affordable tablescape for you. If you held on to any pumpkins from Halloween this is the time to get full use out of them. For my table I went for a simple… Continue reading Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea